To some, mirrors fill a need and to others they’re a piece of home decoration. Whether you’re using them to make sure your tie is straight or to add depth and natural light to a room, mirrors have a place in your home. Custom Cut Glass can provide custom mirrors that will increase the beauty of your residence while giving it a unique look. These custom mirrors can be a variety of shapes and sizes and will add that special touch to your residence.

The mirrors can be cut to your exact specifications so they fit perfectly in your home. If you have the vision, we can make it happen.

More Tips on using Mirrors:

1. Put you mirror on the wall above the dining room table to reflect the light of your chandelier
2. If you have a piece of art that you are really proud of, by placing a mirror on the wall opposite of it you double your ability to view it
3. Make sure that the mirror is in a place to reflect something that you want to look at. Don’t just put it anywhere.
4. Don’t place mirrors on ceilings. Back in the 1970’s it may have been the cool thing to do, and now we have moved gracefully on.
5. Mirrored furniture in a small space helps create the optical illusion of it not existing. Since it reflects the opposite wall, it creates the illusion of the piece of furniture not existing.

Whether you are planning to hang the mirror in a bathroom, hall way or even using it to create part of a display.

We create frameless mirrors at 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/14” of thickness and also use standard edgework options such as bevel or pencil edge