Antique Mirror

Antique mirror new york
Mirror as we know it have only been around for a few centuries, unlike antique glass and antique mirror which has been around for thousands of year. Throughout all this time the quality of glass has improved substantially as well as mirrors. With the perfection almost near, the reflected images is not distorted and now perfectly clear. We now see a reflection of our own in present time. The mirror no longer retains the whimsical and magical reflection that was once created in ancient time.

However looking into an antique mirror retains the image of the past, filtered by time giving a reflection that makes one wonder about the mysteries this mirror holds. Antique mirror takes away the perfection that modern mirrors have created. The goal was achieved by experimenting with oxidation and the use of a black background that gives off the warmth and past memories when reflected. A variety of techniques can be employed to create a antique mirror that is gently aged or looks like a hundred year old antique.


Custom Mirror table by Giovaniglass
With similarities in involvement in glass and mirrors, antique mirror technique has grown to producing colors and special effects to be used for decoration to enhance our environments. Motivated by high levels of creativity and imagination, experience and technique, have produced an incredibly wide variety of possibilities for using silvered and decorated flat glass. Antique mirrors are handmade to recreate authentic antique variations in color and appearance. There are 3 ways to antique a silver mirror (besides leaving it in a damp location for 50 years.)

Antique a new mirror by adding chemicals to the silver as it deposits on the glass buy an existing mirror, strip the paint and partially remove the silver apply silver or aluminum leaf to glass Antiquing a new mirror - adding chemicals to the silver as it forms on the glass - offers you the widest possible range of effects - especially if you use Pouring Silver which takes 5 minutes to deposit.